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AHILAB™ Lets Advertisers Place Ads on AI-generated content , Opening a New Marketing Channel for Audiences Engaging with Generative AI Apps. No Low-Quality Leads Thanks to Transparent Ad Placement .

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Terms of service and privacy policy

AdswithAI is a digital ads generator able to generate unique images and captions. It is a product made by Augmented Human Intelligence Ltd. a private limited company based in London, UK.
✍️ How does it work: Input an image of your product and pick a mood and AI will generate the ads visual and caption for you. After payment AI will generate 1 ads brochure with 20 images and 20 captions.
☕️ Waiting time: Take a cup of tea or coffee. You will receive your AI ads via email within 15 minutes.
🧠 Defects: The AI may also generate artefacts and defects, this is out of our control. Please accept that risk before buying!
❤️ Safety: AI does not process unethical products. Unethical products will result in an empty ad. You take full responsibility of the image attached and you understand that you own full ownership of the images uploaded and of the received AI ads.
💿 Data Protection: We will delete the product images and the ads within 48 hours.Images will be stored in Replicate servers so you might need to comply with their privacy policy and contact them as well if you want to delete images from their servers.
💰 Refund: We do not offer refund for artefacts and defects in your illustrations. We only process refund if you did not receive your ads. If you are experiencing any issue, you can contact us at